Additional Features

What makes Loan Manager stand out is the added functionality, beyond the basics. With additional features, Loan Manager can be customizable and adaptable to your unique processing requirements—for all financial transactions.


These features include:

  • Integrated general ledger system for customer defined financial statements
  • Addon insurance added to accounts with payments adjusted
  • Integrated accounts payable
  • Online Field by field help windows
  • Categorization of groups by branch numbers for obtaining reports
  • Coupon books or prebilling statements
  • Advertising-solicitation module
  • Bulk purchase procedure
  • Positive pay extractions
  • Interrupting processing window to process alternative transactions
  • Loan applications
  • Printing of coupon payment books
  • Payments from customers websites
  • Import applications from third party web sites

Third Party Interface, Scans & Security Lockdown


With transactions occurring in the blink of an eye, vital security capture can fall between the cracks. Not with Loan Manager. Among the added features to enhance security is the ability to restrict access to certain functions and password protect specific transactions.


Additionally, Loan Manager gives you the flexibility to run fast scans of customers’ personal information, including SSN and phone numbers.


When it comes to facilitating third-party access, additional features supports interface with third-party front end loan approval systems, banks for ACH payments, lock box, credit card, and export for printing and mailing requirements such as solicitation lists, coupon books, and customer statements.


Pull Detailed Reports


With Loan Manger, not only can you generate high-level overviews of your day-to-day transactions, but you can also select by branch number, group, or total company for any month and year.


All in all, the amazing additions show:

  • 13-page branch statistics
  • Numerous annual and periodic banking analysis reports
  • Hundreds of register reports covering detail activity such as: loans, payments, payoffs, insurance, etc.
  • Metro 2 credit bureau reporting
  • 1098 and 1099 magnetic media reporting
  • History and purchase analysis by vendor

ParaData currently has been installed in over 150 customers with more than 1000 locations in 44 states and Mexico. These verticals and industries include:

  • Small consumer loans
  • Large public consumer and automobile finance companies
  • Mortgage loan and broker companies
  • Automobile dealerships with their own finance companies
  • Mobile home finance companies
  • Commercial finance

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