Collections utilizes a single screen, and with one click, you can prioritize the entire collection process from the latest updates on deferments to setting collection appointments, warnings, and final collections. Users can define their own contractual and recency delinquency formulas, including those for non-monthly pay, single pay, and revolving credit accounts.


The innovative collector work screen—a single dashboard area to sort through your collections—will be your new best friend. Use it to check:

  • Up-to-date contact details
  • Key balance details such as amount due, last payment due, and payoff balance
  • Dealer number credit score paid through date, and original loan info
  • Contractual and recency delinquency grading
  • Complete payment history
  • Display the number of payments made, the amount remaining, and the amount required to advance
  • Generate collection letters and reschedule calls
  • Support many predictive dialers

Prioritize Queues


What are the most serious accounts to tackle on a given day? Which accounts are in the most need of attention?


The most serious accounts will be flagged and moved to the top of your collection queue so you’ll know the answers to these questions without embarking on a fruitless search. You can set up your queue to:

    • Show number of deferments taken, late charges due, and total late charges
    • Flag to allow free deferments but not advance maturity date
    • Flag Repo or bankrupt record
    • Activity and result codes established by customers
    • Allow second promise date and the maximum number of days from call date



Collectors have the ability to set up files to be separated by options of days past due, contractual grading, dealer numbers, repos, bankrupts, first payment defaults and sort by broken promises.


Moreover, for individual contact details, all demographic changes are logged to the memo file along with the prior information and the ID of the person making the change.

ParaData currently has been installed in over 150 customers with more than 1000 locations in 44 states and Mexico. These verticals and industries include:

  • Small consumer loans
  • Large public consumer and automobile finance companies
  • Mortgage loan and broker companies
  • Automobile dealerships with their own finance companies
  • Mobile home finance companies
  • Commercial finance

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