Daily Processing

For day-to-day transactions of cash flow, loans, sales, payments, and other financial postings, the daily processing module supports all local or central banking processes.

This intuitive application is robust enough to support up to 35 cash drawers, with controls in a single branch. Moreover, cash drawers are password-protected to ensure integrity and track overages and shortages.
In addition, daily processing has the versatility to track:

  • ACH, Western Union, Lockbox, Credit Card, and Allotment Payments
  • Payments by check number
  • Bank balance and check reconciliation
  • Create payee name and addresses to recall in check writing

Checks and Balances


All of daily processing is recorded and ready for review anytime.


Tasks include:

  • All cash drawer activity is recorded and balances maintained real-time
  • Posting payments, payoffs, refunds, refinances and other financial transactions
  • Posting inter-branch payments
  • Transfer of accounts from one branch to another
  • Account modification and reschedules
  • Void loans and/or sales finance contracts and checks
  • Scan for and locate customer by name, address, phone numbers, or last 4 digits of SSN
  • Automated end of day reports defined by the customer
  • Complete bank deposit, withdrawal, check tracking

ParaData currently has been installed in over 150 customers with more than 1000 locations in 44 states and Mexico. These verticals and industries include:

  • Small consumer loans
  • Large public consumer and automobile finance companies
  • Mortgage loan and broker companies
  • Automobile dealerships with their own finance companies
  • Mobile home finance companies
  • Commercial finance

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