Reports and Files

There is no shortage of report options that you can find with Loan Manager. You can sort by various categories, and depending on the type of report you need, there is a preconfigured report available in the system. In addition with the standard reports feature that Loan Manager offers, there in an optional report writer that can access every file and every field in the system, so you can print hard copies or create ASCII files to merge with Excel or other reporting systems.


Key reports that you can generate:

  • Aged trial balance
  • Unearned income
  • Non-accrual earnings report
  • Missing title report
  • Collectors’ activity report
  • Auto insurance expiration report
  • Zip code analysis
  • Percentage earned report
  • Do no solicit report
  • Loan and sales finance register
  • Check register
  • Charge off register
  • Transaction register
  • Check register by payee
  • Insurance premiums and refunds report
  • Month end earnings
  • Year-end banking statistics report
  • Cash low maturity report

Additional Files to Extract


Along with creating preconfigured reports, you can pull additional files from our database, including:

  • Coupon books
  • Predictive dialers
  • Various bank required files
  • General Ledger files
  • Credit card extraction
  • Credit bureau files
  • Insurance company files
  • Web site exports

ParaData currently has been installed in over 150 customers with more than 1000 locations in 44 states and Mexico. These verticals and industries include:

  • Small consumer loans
  • Large public consumer and automobile finance companies
  • Mortgage loan and broker companies
  • Automobile dealerships with their own finance companies
  • Mobile home finance companies
  • Commercial finance

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